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Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

For years I've struggled to make hard boiled eggs that peeled easily and were not green or stinky. No matter what I tried, I just could not get them to come out right. And other than on Dr. Seuss Day, I don't think anyone finds green eggs appealing (no pun intended). Finally, I figured it out though and they've come out perfectly ever since!

Keep reading to learn my secret to perfect hard boiled eggs every time.

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs | Musings of a Modern Hippie

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Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

1. Really truly, the key is to use eggs that are around 2 weeks old. 2 weeks for supermarket eggs, or older for farm fresh. The sweet spot is when the eggs stand up on their ends when submerged in water. If they float, they are too old and should be tossed. If they lay flat still, they can go a little longer.

Once your eggs are the right age, it's just a matter of a few simple steps!

2. Place eggs in a single layer in the bottom of a sauce pan. Cover completely with COLD water. It doesn't have to be ice cold, but refrigerator cold is perfect, around 40° F. 3. Bring water to a boil, and as soon as it boils, turn off the stove and remove pan from heat.

4. Cover the pan and let it sit for 13 minutes exactly.

5. Strain off the hot water and place the eggs in an ice water bath to stop the cooking process.

6. Once eggs are cool, you can either store them in the fridge for a few days as is, or peel and prepare them right away!

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs | Musings of a Modern Hippie

What is your favorite way to use hard boiled eggs? My favorite is probably deviled eggs, so here is my recipe:

Perfect Deviled Eggs Recipe

6 perfectly hard boiled eggs

Black pepper



Slice eggs in half and remove yolks.

To the yolks, mash in sea salt, pepper, dill and mayo to taste and consistency.

Scoop back into the halved egg whites.

Sprinkle with paprika. Tip: Make up the yolk mix in a big ziploc bag. You can hand mash/mix it, then cut a corner and use it as a piping bag to fill the whites! I love the flavor that the dill adds! It really elevates a simple deviled egg recipe.

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs | Musings of a Modern Hippie

Here are some other ways to use your perfectly hard boiled eggs:

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs | Musings of a Modern Hippie

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