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DIY Measuring Cup and Spoon Organizer

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Looking for an easy way to organize your kitchen or home and reduce clutter?

This is a spin-off of a previous project I did called DIY Cupboard Chalkboard. It's another easy way to organize your cupboards and utilize space that otherwise doesn't get used. Store your measuring cups and spoons on the inside of your cupboard! This is super easy.

Here is all you need...

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  • 2 wood paint stirrers from any DIY store

  • Chalkboard paint (read more on this easy project here)

  • Cup hooks (usually come in a pack in various colors)

  • 4 short screws

I painted the background with chalkboard paint first (see how to DIY here!). I also painted two paint stirrers with the same chalkboard paint. These are the basic wood paint stirrers that you get for free from any DIY store. Once the stirrers dried completely, I screwed the cup hooks to them, carefully so as not to crack them. You can space them as close or far apart as you like. I fit 11, spaced 1 inch apart on mine.

TIP:Use a screwdriver somewhat perpendicularly inserted halfway through the cup hook to screw it in more easily.

Next I attached the stirrers to the cupboard using fairly short screws.

TIP:Make sure that the measuring cups and spoons won't hit the shelves when the door is shut.

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That's it!

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